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What is Office 365? A question that many are afraid to ask.

In the late 90s into the 2000s Windows Operating Systems were like the latest computer games and phone launches with users rushing to PC World en-mass to secure the latest versions as they became available. Remember the iconic Windows 95?

Within these Windows Operating Systems we saw he birth of the famous Microsoft Office suite. Amazingly many of the programmes are still staples of today such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Back in the glory days of 1995 the standard version of Microsoft Office included the below applications.

The classic Office 95 logo

Office 95 - List Of Applications

Word Yes Yes
ExCel Yes Yes
PowerPoint Yes Yes
Schedule + Yes Yes
Binder Yes Yes
Access No Yes
Bookshelf No Yes

Over time Microsoft Office evolved to become more advanced, faster, feature more applications and improved user friendliness. In 2011 though Microsoft made a breakthrough move by announcing the launch of Office 365.

So what is Office 365? The key difference between Office 365 and the standard desktop versions are that the standard version is sold as a one off fee, whilst Office 365 is sold on a subscription basis.

This is the new way that Microsoft wants you to purchase its Office software. Rather than pay a one off fee for a platform that may age and become unworkable over-time, Office 365 provides you with automatic updates and the latest versions of all programmes as they become available. You also have the benefit of additional OneDrive cloud storage and access to Office apps that can be used on tablets.

Office 365 for Business provides additional benefits for businesses versus the classic one time purchase for the traditional Office software such as Office 2019.

Office 365 Benefits:

Flexibility: Working on a monthly subscription allows you to cancel whenever you need

Cashflow: Rather than pay up-front for 100 users you can pay monthly and avoid a large initial payment.

Scalability: If your business grows simply add a new licence and you are ready to go!

Latest Tools: Don't worry about your Office 2014 software becoming obsolete. With Office 365 you get the latest updates, features and programmes as they become available.

Work Anywhere: With an internet connection you are able to access Office 365 from anywhere. Perfect for businesses with multiple locations, employees that travel a lot or employees that work from home.

We hope we have answered your question as to what is Office 365! If we have and you are interested in knowing more and as to how it could help your business then please do contact us. Call us on 02071234910 or email at commercial.team@lanmark.com

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