The Bunkers Cloud Storage1 min read

Object Cloud Storage – the solution to exponential data growth.

Each year the need for data storage grows by staggering amounts. As do the worries of trying to cost effectively manage these demands.

The Bunker Storage Cloud brings together Object Storage, Cloud gateways, networks and Ultra Secure data centres to provide an Ultra Secure, ultra reliable and cost-effective way to store and protect your data.

It is also powered by Cleversafe’s Object Storage technology; the recognised leader in Object Storage and used by large blue chip organisations.

The benefits of our Storage Cloud:

  • Ultra Secure Cleversafe’s Secureslice™ keyless encryption that combines information dispersal across “slices” of data to preserve data confidentiality and integrity.Full encryption may also be added.
  • By “slicing” data down into objects across multiple servers that is then dispersed across three Tier 3 data centres, The Bunker Storage Cloud platform delivers 100% availability even if one of the locations shuts down.
  • The Bunker Storage nodes are in multiple Tier 3 data centres to ensure your data is always available in the event that there is an issue with one of the locations.
  • To store and manage big data at the multiple terabytes and petabyte levels and beyond requires an architecture that can scale. With no centralised servers, The Bunker Cloud Storage platform can scale capacity and performance to nearly limitless capacities.

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