Data Security

Protecting you and your clients’ data from the
many risks and threats to modern businesses.

With many high profile cybercrimes committed in the last few years, it is natural for companies to be worried about their security and data protection, particularly if they have legal and regulatory obligations. With the advent of Cloud technology, this concern has extended with many clients being fearful of embracing this new technology due to perceived control, data residency and jurisdiction issues.

Having robust data security policies as well as the right systems and controls in place will ensure data is kept safe. However, staff policies and procedures are equally important to minimise human risk.

Before organisations move data into the Cloud, they must ensure that they have thought carefully about creating a cloud security strategy that takes into account the broad array of service providers that the organisation uses, the people access this data and how they access it.


Security Analysis

With a variety of security services available, our experts work with you to identify areas at risk of security breaches or data leakage. We then design and implement solutions tailored to your requirements.

Data Encryption and Backup

There are many ways to protect data, from full-disk encryption through to backup. Protecting your data does not need to be complex.


Identity Management

Protecting data across personal and corporate devices and implementing mobile device management means you have full control of where your data is, how it is accessed and more importantly, who can access it.

Features such as single sign-on authentication give organisations the security and control they need

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Why use Lanmark for Data Security?

At Lanmark, we have specialist consultancy in cyber security and a thorough understanding of cyber laws along with industry standards. Therefore, Lanmark can work with you and your organisation to ensure you are meeting regulation standards and also protect yourself and your clients.

We collaborate with you throughout the due diligence and risk assessment process and provide a range of resources to ensure you have the necessary information with which to make a fully informed decision as to whether the right data security solution is right for you.

With a variety of security services available, our experts work with you to identify areas at risk of security breaches or data leakage. Once a solution is agreed we can help design, implement and migrate to the new environment and most importantly, put in the appropriate testing and support to maintain a secure system.

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Almost every day we read about another security breach or data loss, no-one wants to be the next headline who lost valuable client data!Matt Osborn, Senior Consultant Lanmark