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Teamwork is one of the most important aspects of the modern workplace. So for teamwork to be effective, it’s important for companies to adopt modern work practices and technologies that help co-workers, wherever they are, share their work in a simple and efficient way. This is where a good online collaboration tool comes in.

With good collaboration

  • It’s easy to keep track of projects
  • Team members can be anywhere
  • Ease of reporting
  • Actions are done quickly
  • Documents are all stored in a single place

We provide a wide range of communication and collaboration solutions, while some clients know what they want specifically for example; VOIP across all devices. Most do not understand what is available to them and what is best for them, collaboration is a broad term and it can be hard to understand

Since partnering with Lanmark. We are now able to focus on the future and how to enable employees to work better. Jessica Paine, Ocean

Collaboration Solutions



Analysing how your teams currently work and communicate together and with clients we outline where communication and collaboration can be improved through upgrading your current IT or leveraging cloud solutions. Whether you want to improve traditional communication channels such as email and telephony or implement modern file sync and share and online collaboration tools we help you understand how people are currently working and what you can do to make communication and collaboration more effective between teams and clients.


Our technical engineers and consultants will implement, integrate and provide adoption services to ensure that your collaboration project is a success with your team and clients alike. Where required we will run pilot programmes to trial, identify areas of consideration and ensure that the proposed solution works with different people and departments, once a pilot has proven successful we then rollout the solution company wide, ensuring that everyone is on board and knows the how, when and why in using your new collaboration and communication channels.



Communication and collaboration is an integral part of your business, we provide ongoing management, maintenance and support for both your solution and users as required. We can do this in partnership with your existing IT teams or outsourced IT providers to ensure a smooth experience for your staff.

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