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Go Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure

Want to expand business at a lower cost? Try Azure/Go Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure/ Drive innovation with Microsoft Azure

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform hosted in many data centres across the world. With its integrated collection of cloud services, Microsoft Azure provides organisations with a simple way to scale up and down as business needs change. The Azure platform offers services across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, with their functionality being further extended by the Azure Marketplace – a stack of independent software vendors whose services integrate with Azure. These solutions enable organisations to drive innovation and adopt digital transformation at a lower cost.

Why Microsoft Azure?

Adopting Microsoft Azure services drives costs efficiencies by allowing organisations to pay for the resources they use, i.e. on a consumption basis. It enables enterprises to use cloud services on premise and in a hybrid environment.
With Azure, you own your data and have control over where it is stored and how it is accessed. The privacy of customer data is protected through the adoption of the cloud privacy code of practice ISO 27018.

Azure enables organisations to:

  • Significantly reduce the cost of building and managing infrastructure
  • Scale up and down to meet demand
  • Pay for what you use model
  • Store, backup and recover your data in the cloud
  • Increase speed of delivering applications on any platform and framework
  • Build a disaster recovery solution and pay for the infrastructure when required
  • Build a secure and flexible deployment and scaling options for any size web application

Complementary Services

  • Cloud Support
  • Cloud Backup (Azure Site Recovery)

Why use Lanmark?
Lanmark has been using and implementing Cloud services for over ten years. Our expertise is grown by having strong partnerships with the leading Cloud vendors and using these systems ourselves. Our education program keeps our consultants and technicians up to date with all the latest advances in technology.

  • Significant investment in Cloud technology
  • Orchestration systems for helping design and manage complex infrastructure
  • Management systems for cost control
  • Training packages for users and technical teams
  • 24/7 Award winning UK Support

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There is a remarkable interest in Microsoft technology, with many mid-size businesses looking for a partner to support them through their migration and ensure they get the most from using cloud-based solutions.Stephen Howe, Lanmark


  • Expert Support

    Our award winning team provides you with the support you need throughout your migration and long-term.

  • Cloud Experience

    Ensure a successful cloud migration with our experience in transforming businesses with cloud solutions.

  • Maximise ROI

    Helping you get the most out of Azure, from architecture design, performance optimisation and cost analysis.

  • Security Focus

    Ensuring your azure solution provides you with the best experience and most appropriate levels of data security.

  • Award Winning Support

    Our award winning team are there to support you throughout your migration and beyond.

  • Strategic Approach

    Analysing your existing services to ensure your migration is smooth and has measurable success.

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