Omnicube Drastically Simplifies and Reduces IT Infrastructure1 min read


To reap the real rewards of virtualization, you need a software-defined data center, which means you have to virtualise more than just your servers. Leveraging legacy storage architectures results in inefficiencies in provisioning, more difficulty in scaling, and a gap between the operational efficiencies you want and what you can deliver today.

SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure is a building block for the software-defined data center. Packaged on industry-standard x86 systems, it provides abstraction, pooling and automation of IT resources and services. It assimilates eight to twelve core data center functions “below the hypervisor,” including the compute, storage, network switching, backup, replication, cloud gateway, caching, WAN optimization, real-time deduplication and more. SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure eliminates the SAN, so you no longer have to spend time managing LUNs and shares, or troubleshooting performance issues where you don’t have the visibility of the VM-to-LUN mapping. Global unified management, native backup and replication, and unparalleled efficiency via deduplication, compression and optimization of data before it hits disk to save IOPS and capacity are core capabilities.

Use SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure as the one platform to service all of your business-critical applications and development operations environments. With its building block approach, it’s easy to scale out to meet changing business demands. Multi-site management is streamlined since all instances of SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure within and across data centers are managed centrally from vCenter.

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