Office 265 – Common Mistakes Regarding Microsoft’s Powerful Software3 min read

Office 265 –  Common Mistakes & Misconceptions

So you’ve landed on this page fuelled by the outrageous irony that we’ve incorrectly listed Office 365 as Office 265, despite writing a post on common mistakes! Surprisingly as many as 6,600 people every single month make the same mistake. If 6,600 people are making this mistake every single month how many more mistakes and misconceptions can there be regarding Office 365?  We explore some of the most common.

  1. Office 365 And Office Online Are The Same

Whilst Office 365 is a cloud based online software and could be confused with the term ‘Office Online’ they are in fact very different programs. Below we compare the differences between Office 365 and Office Online.

Office 365 Office Online

Date Launched



Designed For Business Use



Default Storage

50GB  Cloud

5GB Cloud

Work Offline Yes


Cost View Prices


Whilst Office Online is a surprisingly comprehensive suite it is more designed for home users and won’t provide businesses with the level of detail or functionality that they would typically require.

  1. My Data Isn’t As Safe When Its Hosted In The Cloud

A lot of people have concerns of moving their businesses to cloud based storage. However, Microsoft are very transparent as to where your data is stored and you can be confident that their systems utilise the most rigorous security requirements on the market. If you want to learn more about Microsoft’s data centres and how your data will be stored just call or email our team and they can help.

  1. Office 365 Is Outdated Compared With Office 2019

The beauty of Office 365 is that is never goes out of date. Unlike the past where versions of office became outdated and newer versions were the new gadget to have, Office 365 is an ever updating piece of software that always provides you and your business with the latest versions of each program. Office 365 not only provides you with the latest versions of all the applications but it provides you with additional and future proof features.

  1. Without Internet Access I Can’t Use Office 365

On the go and worried that when you are without internet that you won’t be able to update your files? Don’t be worried. Another key benefit of using Office 365 is that you can work remotely to access, create and edit all of your files with no internet connection.

  1. Using Office 365 Means A Full Commitment To The Cloud

Just because you want to use Office 365 doesn’t mean transforming your entire business overnight. Although Office 365 has cloud components you are not forced to move all of your infrastructure to the Cloud. Most implementations start slowly like moving a certain application such as email and then expanding this when they are comfortable it is working as it should.

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Learn About Moving Your Business To Office 365

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