Why Lanmark Partners with Code421 min read

There are two types of hard drives: those about to fail, and those that will fail eventually. Plan accordingly.

IT Directors would love it if everyone would just do what they were told – save your data onto the server! Yet even they know that this is close to asking for a miracle as we are all guilty of it.

Code42’s product CrashPlan is a data loss solution to end all. CrashPlan; a secure endpoint data protection and unlimited, on-demand scalability which meets the strictest security requirements, there is no wonder why more than 37,000 businesses worldwide are using it.

CrashPlan has consistently been recognised for being the best endpoint backup solution on the market and has a number of features that can justify exactly why such as automatic and continuous data backup with no disruption to the end user – and unlike other solutions on the market, all Code42 cloud deployments include the option to keep encryption keys on-premises

A few of our favourite features:

Effortless Backup

Backup is only as good as the ability to restore. CrashPlan can restore anywhere, at any time, to any device, with no limits on file type, size or version. This is real-world backup, perfectly suited to your business because work happens everywhere.

Uncompromising Security

Choose to deploy 100% on-prem in a private cloud, in the Code42 cloud or anywhere in-between via hybrid cloud. CrashPlan lets you keep encryption keys on-prem to meet the most demanding data security and compliance requirements.

Proven Scalability

Since 2008, CrashPlan has been protecting endpoint data for the world’s largest enterprises by offering on-demand scalability, containing maintenance costs and delivering predictable outcomes.

And to prove further how much we believe in CrashPlan – we all use it internally!

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