How Secure is Code42’s Crashplan?2 min read

So Why Backup?

Simple, it gives you security in knowing that you will always have access to your valuable data and that no one else will in case of data loss. So it’s important that your endpoint back up provider understands and can cater for these requirements.

Code42’s CrashPlan platform and product code is developed and quality tested exclusively at their U.S.-based corporate headquarters. And unlike backup and storage software vendors who store customer data on third-party cloud platforms, Code42’s CrashPlan is vertically integrated, from client-software and server-platform development, through cloud operations and customer service.

Maintaining physical control of clients’ data is the first line of defense against customer data security risks.

The security at Code42’s CrashPlan can be seen through four different levels; Deployment and Operations, Cloud Control, Data Center Best Practices and Choices in Deployment and Data Security/Privacy That Support Unique Risk Levels.

Deployment and Operations – Code42’s dedicated security team upholds security principles and development ideology, and is responsible for maintaining strict adherence to our Information Security Management System (ISMS) policies. Code42 maintains complete, operational ownership and monitoring of network, systems, applications and security at all of our global data centers. Code42’s compliance and legal team investigates and assures adherence to regulatory obligations and contractual commitments with customers. All software programming, code development, engineering and quality assurance (QA) is performed by the Code42 team. The Code42 development team follows security standards outlined by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)—and includes code reviews focused on secure transmission and storage of data, initial mapping and analysis of an application’s attack surface, and finding and exploiting security vulnerabilities.

Cloud Control – Unlike many software vendors offering cloud storage, Code42 does not outsource important components of our cloud stack to third-party, public-cloud providers. Code42 own their own complete cloud stack comprised of software, server, storage, network, monitoring and security components. As a result, Code42 customers maintain low total cost of ownership without sacrificing high functionality.

Data Center Best Practices – Code42 ensures and monitors appropriate ISO27001 certifications or SSAE16 attestations for its cloud data centers and is an ISO27001-certified organization.

Choices in Deployment and Data Security/Privacy That Support Unique Risk Levels – Code42’s deployment destination flexibility empowers customers to decide where to store their data, based on their unique requirements for data security, compliance, privacy and performance. Public, private and hybrid storage models offer flexibility, with no compromise of security or functionality. A customer can choose to store data in Code42’s secure public cloud, or deploy on-premises via a private cloud on Code42’s managed appliances, or on customer hardware. The hybrid model allows for optimal placement of data in the customer’s own data center and also in a Code42 data center. Code42 also enables customers to choose the topology that best fits their business model.

Code42 ensures one of the highest levels of security in the Market!

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