Readiness & Proof of Value

Readiness Assessment

Understanding cloud opportunities can be confusing and is often the longest process in any organisation, often referred to as the experimentation phase of a cloud journey. Our readiness service assesses your current IT services, their relationship and dependency on other systems and their potential cloud counterparts and provides a cost analysis so you have an estimated cloud running costs of current systems.

Proof of Value

For larger cloud initiatives, our proof-of-value service provides a full assessment of current systems, their cloud friendliness, expected run costs with and without optimisation whilst identifying financial, technical and business benefits of cloud opportunities. Proof of value is an ideal way of understanding where adjustments might needed in order to fully realise the benefits of cloud services in terms of performance, scalability and cost.


Proof-of-Concept & Migration

Proof of Concept

The ability to spin up cloud instances for short periods of time without long-term commitment means that doing a proof of concept or piloting of your infrastructure, application or service shouldn't be overlooked.  Lanmarks' Cloud Accelerate programme reduces time to market and provides immediate access to required resources and skills to design and deliver PoC's so that you can identify any potential problems or concerns before committing to a full migration.

Cloud Migration

Many organisations start their cloud journey only for it to stall due to lack of resources or skills. The challenges in bridging this gap internally only further delays cloud projects and initiatives due to hiring and building out a team. Lack of resource of skill is one of the biggest challenges faced by many organisations and presents one of the biggest risks often facing delays of up to 9 months. Landmarks' Cloud Accelerate programme reduces time to market and provides immediate access to required resources and skills for your migration.


Enablement & Managed Services

Enablement Partner

Enablement Partner services are ideal for larger organisations looking to regain control of IT services from traditional outsourced managed data centre style services. Our enablement services provide interim multi-cloud management and billing while helping your build out the right skills and resources internally for us to hand over to when your ready.

Managed Service

Managed cloud services are an ideal way of consolidating run, management and support costs into one easy solution. Landmark can design, build and manage a cloud environment for you, we'll take control of the entire end-to-end lifecycle allowing you to focus on other areas of the business. Our award-winning service and support team can provide full 24x7 end user and infrastructure support as part of your managed service.


Cost Optimisation & Best Practices

Cost Optimisation

Our cloud optimisation services integrate into your cloud adoption and consumption, we build out a tailored optimisation package that reaches beyond service providers simplistic cost optimisation services. Analysing your cloud spend, utilisation and management.

Best Practice

Our vast and deep experience of the cloud means your in safe hands when it comes to ensuring your cloud deployments are optimal and efficient. For small organisations, we help create a solid and scalable framework of deployment methods and setup best practices. For larger organisations, we can also help you ensure internal processes are staying at the relevant pace of cloud evolution and provide recommendations on an ongoing basis.