Which Microsoft Azure Company Should I Work With?

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Since its launch in 2010 Microsoft Azure has grown to become one of the worlds largest cloud computing services. With multiple benefits of cloud adoption companies are looking to see how a move to the cloud could help them and also how they would manage such a project. To manage a transition to the cloud…

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Betfair Strengthens Best-in-class Betting Exchange With Pure Storage

Don’t just believe us, check out the incredible story behind Betfair implementing Pure Storage. Betfair’s Challenges: Performance bottleneck in an on-premise cloud Deploying code quickly Scalability for supporting large betting events “From performance to cost savings, we have truly transformed our business capability with Pure Storage. We can now spin up hundreds of IaaS and…

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Omnicube Drastically Simplifies and Reduces IT Infrastructure

SIMPLIVITY HYPERCONVERGED INFRASTRUCTURE FOR OVERALL IT To reap the real rewards of virtualization, you need a software-defined data center, which means you have to virtualise more than just your servers. Leveraging legacy storage architectures results in inefficiencies in provisioning, more difficulty in scaling, and a gap between the operational efficiencies you want and what you…

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Office 365 – The New & Improved Clutter

Last year, Microsoft introduced Clutter, which moves less important emails out of your inbox and keeps you focused what’s most important to you. Today Clutter is moving over one million emails per day and saves users 82 minutes per month on average. Starting in June, Clutter will be on by default to help more people…

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Getting the Most Out of Cloud Storage with the Bunker

The Cloud has long been touted as the future of cost-effective and scalable data storage but current solutions will not be fit for purpose in tomorrow’s world. Traditionally, Cloud storage offerings have differentiated themselves based on cost, yet in the age of big data analytics it’s not enough to merely offer a cheap place to…

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Time for Convergence?

Is it time for your triennial, quadrennial or quinquennial tech refresh? Many customers these days are looking at about a three- to five-year lifecycle on most data center equipment—server refresh cycles tend to be a bit shorter; while network switch refresh cycles tend to be a bit longer. That means that the overlap of purchase…

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Cisco Meraki Deployed at United Colors of Bennetton UK

Mark Bishop is a busy guy. He’s the IT Manager for Bencom Retail, which operates the flagship stores of United Colors of Benetton in the UK. As the only IT administrator on staff, he spends most of his time traveling between Benetton stores in London and solving retail IT problems – repairing point of sale…

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