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The BS (Bad Statements) of GDPR. The 5 worst lies.

Having been working with an array of businesses in conjunction with the new GDPR legislation, I have observed a lot of bad practice and have heard stories from a wide array of sources that have left me with my head in my hands. Here are a few of them. ‘Listen to me I’m “GDPR certified”’…

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What is the GDPR & How does it affect Small to Medium Businesses?

The BigBen in London.

What is GDPR? GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, a regulatory legislative framework that was passed into law by the Parliament of the European Union on the 14th of April 2016. It has already repealed and replaced the (now outdated) legal framework for digital organisations Directive 95/46/EC (1998). This directive previously set regulatory standards…

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How can moving to The Cloud help you?

Are you a start-up business, a small/medium business or a large enterprise business? Well, it doesn’t matter, because The Cloud offers many different options that are easy to access regardless of the size of your organisation. Businesses now recognise how well the system works, and how easy it can be to implement it. So now…

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What we do here at Lanmark Ltd

Being interconnected to the cloud has become an essential part of any organisation, and without doing so, businesses can experience difficulties. Organisations have recognised it is a service that should be perfected by professionals and there are many complex aspects that have to be covered in terms of enablement and security. This is one of…

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IT Design and Implementation of the Third IEP Depot

Further to our recent posts relating to the IEP depot installations, we are proud to announce that following our successful completion of the North Pole and Swansea depots we have now completed the same work for the third IEP Depot. The third IEP depot site is based in Stoke Gifford and was again completed to a…

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The Bunkers Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Object Cloud Storage – the solution to exponential data growth. Each year the need for data storage grows by staggering amounts. As do the worries of trying to cost effectively manage these demands. The Bunker Storage Cloud brings together Object Storage, Cloud gateways, networks and Ultra Secure data centres to provide an Ultra Secure, ultra…

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Microsoft Services on More Devices than Ever!

On February 10, 2016, Nick Parker – Corporate Vice President, Original Equipment Manufacturer Division, Microsoft announced their new ‘strategic agreements’ with ‘31 global and local OEMs and top original device manufacturer partners to pre-install Microsoft Office, OneDrive and Skype on Android tablets.’ This announcement introduces that “these partners now offer or will soon offer Android…

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Data Protection – What You Need To Know?

ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT YOUR DATA PROTECTION POLICIES? With so many solutions, products and brands on the market all offering the ‘Best and Most Recommended’, deciding which is best for your business is a daunting task. Recent high profile data breaches both in the UK and in Europe have started to focus executive’s minds around…

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A Higher Impact Approach to IT Investment

The pressure to deliver an IT infrastructure that truly impacts the performance of the business is growing stronger. It’s not just about enabling your employees to access the tools where they want and when they want, it’s about finding the right IT strategy that delivers higher productivity, maximum efficiencies and most importantly, provides an agile…

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Introducing Office 365 Enterprise E5

Office 365 Enterprise E5 brings new value to Office 365. Delivering the most comprehensive set of productivity, collaboration, analytics, security, and compliance capabilities in Office 365 to date. According to Microsoft, the new plan “will encompass the core value of the modern productivity and collaboration capabilities’ Office 365 provides today, as well as significant new…

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