Which Microsoft Azure Company Should I Work With?

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Since its launch in 2010 Microsoft Azure has grown to become one of the worlds largest cloud computing services. With multiple benefits of cloud adoption companies are looking to see how a move to the cloud could help them and also how they would manage such a project. To manage a transition to the cloud…

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Getting The Right Microsoft Azure Quote For Your Business

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Getting The Right Microsoft Azure Quote For Your Business At Lanmark we have been implementing cloud based services for over 10 years and are trusted by Microsoft as an Azure Gold Partner. Microsoft Azure offers a wealth of opportunities for businesses such as yours and we wanted to share some tips on cost savings to…

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Six Key Benefits Of Cloud Adoption

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You may have heard about cloud-based technologies and know that there could be considerable cost savings and benefits for your business. But have you been smiling and nodding along for a while and feel it could be too late to ask a question? GDPR flashbacks anyone? The benefits of cloud adoption have been widely reported…

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