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The BS (Bad Statements) of GDPR. The 5 worst lies.

Having been working with an array of businesses in conjunction with the new GDPR legislation, I have observed a lot of bad practice and have heard stories from a wide array of sources that have left me with my head in my hands. Here are a few of them. ‘Listen to me I’m “GDPR certified”’…

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Metldown & Spectre is this 2018's biggest security flaw?

As you may be aware of recent news articles and press coverage two significant flaws called Meltdown and Spectre, which affect Intel and ARM-based computer processors. What is Meltdown? Meltdown (CVE-2017-5754) allows a malicious a program to access RAM on a system; this means confidential information stored in a computer memory chip could be obtained…

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What is the GDPR & How does it affect Small to Medium Businesses?

The BigBen in London.

What is GDPR? GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, a regulatory legislative framework that was passed into law by the Parliament of the European Union on the 14th of April 2016. It has already repealed and replaced the (now outdated) legal framework for digital organisations Directive 95/46/EC (1998). This directive previously set regulatory standards…

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What is Ransomware?

What Is Ransomware

Introduction to the Ransomware Problem On May 12th 2017, Europe, along with much of the world was struck by a massive cyber attack. It called itself ‘WannaCry’, and did huge amounts of damage. WannaCry was a piece of ‘ransomware’ – a word we are getting more and more used to hearing through the media. WannaCry…

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Betfair Strengthens Best-in-class Betting Exchange With Pure Storage

Don’t just believe us, check out the incredible story behind Betfair implementing Pure Storage. Betfair’s Challenges: Performance bottleneck in an on-premise cloud Deploying code quickly Scalability for supporting large betting events “From performance to cost savings, we have truly transformed our business capability with Pure Storage. We can now spin up hundreds of IaaS and…

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IT Design and Implementation of the Third IEP Depot

Further to our recent posts relating to the IEP depot installations, we are proud to announce that following our successful completion of the North Pole and Swansea depots we have now completed the same work for the third IEP Depot. The third IEP depot site is based in Stoke Gifford and was again completed to a…

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The Bunkers Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Object Cloud Storage – the solution to exponential data growth. Each year the need for data storage grows by staggering amounts. As do the worries of trying to cost effectively manage these demands. The Bunker Storage Cloud brings together Object Storage, Cloud gateways, networks and Ultra Secure data centres to provide an Ultra Secure, ultra…

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Millennials in the Workplace

“People first” computing has been a focus in the business world for a long time now, however the focus has been more aggressively increased due to change in the workforce. The workforce is becoming more tech-literate which is particularly due to the Millennials in the Workplace – adults aged 19 to 35 in 2016. This…

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Zynstra Announces Global Agreement with Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Zynstra, the pioneer in enterprise-class hybrid IT for the SMB, have unveiled a new global agreement with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), which HPE will package Zynstra virtualization and cloud management software as a key part of its new HPE ProLiant Easy Connect Managed Hybrid Solution. Zynstra and HPE have undertaken cooperative development of the Easy…

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