Apple Pay: What, Where, When and How2 min read

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a contact payment technology as well as a new feature for iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. It pulls your credit cards, debit cards, and other sensitive-payment data from the Passbook app, enabling you to use an iPhone 6 or Apple Watch as a wallet at store checkouts.

The game-changing mobile payment system launched in the US last year alongside the iPhone 6, but has been slow to expand to other regions. Britain is the first country outside America to gain access to Apple Pay, which allows shoppers to pay for products both online and offline, using just their iPhone or Apple Watch.

Where can you use Apple Pay?

From July, Brits will be able to use Apple Pay to buy goods from retailers including Marks & Spencer, Dune, Lidl, Starbucks, Ocado, Pret, Boots, JD Sports, New Look, Liberty, Waitrose, Spar and Costa. Available across 250,000 locations, and supported by over 70% of the credit and debit cards in the UK including Visa, Apple Pay will no doubt shake up the way the nation consumes.

When is Apple Pay coming to Britain?

Apple Pay is coming to Britain in July in its first expansion outside of North America, Apple confirmed at its annual worldwide developer conference.

How is it secured?

On most devices, Apple Pay requires authentication through Apple’s TouchID fingerprint scanners before it will authorise a payment. The only exception is the Apple Watch, which remains permanently unlocked and authenticated while on its owner’s wrist, but needs a passcode if it is taken off before it can be used to make a payment.

The actual transactions are secured using the new “digital secure remote payment” standard, which ensures that the actual credit card data is never transferred over to a merchant. Instead, a single-use “cryptogram” is sent to the merchant, which authorises one transaction of a specified amount – unlike normal credit card information, which can be reused again and again to authorise transactions.

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