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The Trials and Tribulations of Cloud Adoption

Cloud Adoption

There can be no denying that Cloud Adoption is a major player in the growth and future success of many organisations. Despite this, there are still many who view Cloud adoption as a headache and are put off by what they perceive to be the many trials and tribulations associated with the move. However, according…

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How has data security changed?

According to HM Government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey, 65% of large firms detected a breach in their security system in 2015 with 25% of those experiencing a security scare at least once a month! The average cost of a breach to a large business; £36,500, with a record breach of £3 million as a whole.…

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How can moving to The Cloud help you?

Are you a start-up business, a small/medium business or a large enterprise business? Well, it doesn’t matter, because The Cloud offers many different options that are easy to access regardless of the size of your organisation. Businesses now recognise how well the system works, and how easy it can be to implement it. So now…

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What we do here at Lanmark Ltd

Being interconnected to the cloud has become an essential part of any organisation, and without doing so, businesses can experience difficulties. Organisations have recognised it is a service that should be perfected by professionals and there are many complex aspects that have to be covered in terms of enablement and security. This is one of…

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